Trade Manager 4 Pro





Trade Manager 4 Pro is trading panel for Meta Trader 4 developed with a goal to make manual trading in some (routine) task easier and faster. This tool works for all types of accounts (real, demo, back testing). In the back testing mode (Strategy Tester) you have a chance manually test your strategies (faster than on demo account) before you start to trade on your real account.


Trade Manager supports various types of trading styles and can be configured according to your own needs.

Here is the list of Trade Manager features:

65 combinations to set order

It is possible to define Take Profit and Stop Loss in Trade Manager on 4 different ways by Price, Pips/Points, Money and %. Also it is possible to use fixed or variable (Money Management) Lot size. These options make 65 different combinations how to set your order.

Drag and Drop your Take Profit, Stop Loss and Pending order

There is implemented drag-and-drop interaction to set your Take Profit, Stop Loss and entry level for Pending Orders. Click the Price button and lines for Take Profit, Stop Loss and Pending Order appear on the chart. 

Protect your profit with Break Even and Trailing Stop Loss

(Initial) Stop Loss limit your losses. Set your maximum loss for your order and when the market price rises up in your direction minimize your losses and protect your profits with advanced settings for Stop Loss. 

Total Profit and Total Loss

Close all open orders when profit or loss of all open orders reach your pre-set values. You can set your desired profit or loss in Pips/Points, Money or by percentage value from the current equity.

Pyramiding positions

Pyramiding is adding to profitable positions when the market rises up in your direction and trend seems to be strong. On the other hand, despite the possibility of larger profit, the risk may not be increased if your parameters are pre-set properly.

Averaging down

Averaging down is adding to positions in loss when the market is opposite. This technique is more risky and it is assuming that instrument turns around. By averaging price your break even point is lower. 

Close triggers

The new order can be opened immediatelly after another one was just closed. It can continue in the same direction (and more less to simulate a partial close feature) or it can be opened in the opposite direction.

Multiple Pending orders (grid)

At one point, it is possible to place with Trade Manager multiple Pending Orders (Stop and Limit) distant from each other by pre-set step.

Close / Delete orders

Close all open orders at the same time with the one simple click. In addition you can choose only orders by type (Buy or Sell) or by Profit or Loss.
The same way you can delete all pending orders or choose only by type (Stop or Limit)

Max spread

There is possible to set maximum Spread value to prevent open order with larger Spread on the market.

Stealth Mode and advanced settings for Take Profit and Stop Loss

Stealth Mode allows to hide your Take Profit and Stop Loss levels from your Broker. But, in addition, it allows other settings to activate Take Profit and Stop Loss.


Toolbar is used to easily switch between windows or just simply Show/Hide them from the chart ad it can be minimized as well.


Dashboard displays the basic account information and the number of placed orders and their status in the summary. For more open orders, it also displays the average price.


With Scheduler you can trade News or you can just simply choose any date and time and specify what kind of order you want to place (market and pending orders are supported). 

Customizable Open orders panel

Show and hide columns in the customized Open Orders panel. Show only the information you need. The panel also includes buttons for activating and deactivating some order parameters, for example Break Even, Trailing Stop Loss, Stealth Mode.

Customizable Pending orders panel

The same way you can show and hide columns in the customized Pending Orders panel. Again show only the information you need. The panel also includes buttons for activating and deactivating some order parameters, for example Break Even, Trailing Stop Loss, Stealth Mode.

Windows management

Windows Management has an implemented drag and drop feature so you can move the windows in a simple way. 
In addition, you can dock a window to the selected corner of the chart what may be useful after window is resized

Scaling windows

Trade Manager allows scaling windows for displays with different resolutions or with different scale settings in Windows. You can adjust it according to your preferences.


Workspace save all Trade Manager settings to the file and you can apply it exactly the same way like from chart Templates (in the future you can share Workspaces between different meta trader platforms)


Trade Manager allows you to store multiple trading settings / strategies and you can simply apply it from Settings/Strategies anytime.


There are several visual themes available in Trade Manager to make it look more beautiful.






Operating system: Windows XP or more recent. (Note: If you want to use Mac operating system you need third party software (like Parallels) to run Windows on your Mac)

Screen resolution: Minimum of 1024x768

Internet: Connection speed of 36.6 Kbps or faster

Installed applications:Meta Trader 4 (Version 4.00 Build 1090) (It is possible it works for older builds, however it is not tested)


Trade Manager 4 Lite / Pro - How to set order (part 1)

Here is the very first video for Lite version (but it is the same for Pro version regarding basic order settings) where I try to explain how to set your order. 

1. How to set Take Profit and Stop Loss with fixed Lot size
2. Position size (Money Management)
3. How to set Pending order (multiple orders, grid)




New features I am working currently on it (2020):

- Rewritting core library
- Time Exit feature

Features for the next release:

- Sharing workspaces between Meta Trader platforms
- Risk Limits for periods: Day, Week, Month

Features for the next release: (without release date)

- Pyramiding positions and Averaging down based on ATR distance
- Close orders by profit / loss value
- Custom themes
- Settings for automated screenshots



Issues for the next release:

- Calculate Total Profit / Loss in Pips / Points as a sum not as an average
- Swaps not updated in Open Orders table
- Average Prices not updated after Order is closed
- Update last release for Strategy Tester

Are you missing any feature in Trade Manager 4 Pro, please let me know: support at borntotrade guru



Version 1.400

New features:

  • - Editing Take Profit and Stop Loss in Stealth Mode
  • - Manual Partial Close for Open Order
  • - Open Reverse order
  • - Preparation for extended editing


  • -


Version 1.310

New features:

  • - Improved saving Workspaces
  • - Improved saving Strategies


  • -


Version 1.303

New features:

  • -


  • - Fixed Break Even Trigger RRR
  • - Fixed name of button in Toolbar Settings


Version 1.302

New features:

  • -


  • - Fixed value for money on TP and SL lines


Version 1.301

New features:

  • -


  • - Fixed drawing Sell Limit line on the chart
  • - Fixed showing Lot size for Pending Orders


Version 1.300

New features:

  • - Added option to set TP and SL by Risk Reward Ratio
  • - Added Trigger for Break Even set by Risk Reward Ratio
  • - Added Risk Calculation settings (Balance, Equity, Free margin, Custom)
  • - Improved Lot Size Calculator - auto detect wrong settings
  • - Added option to limit Lot size calculation
  • - Open multiple orders to full Lot size
  • - Switch Buy and Sell buttons (Right/Left)
  • - Customizable TP/SL Info on the chart
  • - Layout improvements for Settings panel


  • - Fixed Order calculations
  • - Fixed Lot size in Open Orders table for orders opened by other EA


Version 1.200

New features:

  • - Trend Lines trading
  • - Trailing Pending Order(s)
  • - Minor improvements


  • - Fixed Pending Orders paging
  • - Fixed Pending Orders without TP or SL
  • - Fixed "One Cancels the Other" for Pending Orders in Stealth Mode


Version 1.112

New features:

  • -


  • - Fixed (visual) notification alerts for Pending Orders
  • - Fixed params for Pending Orders in Stealth Mode
  • - Short name for Parabolic TSL in Order tables
  • - Fixed Order per Page for Pending Order tables


Version 1.111

New features:

  • -


  • - Fixed Workspace and Strategies
  • - Save to Workspace new columns for Open and Pending Orders tables(s) P/L (pips/points), P/L(%)
  • - Fixed Name of Symbol for Open and Pending Orders table(s) and calculations Pips/Points


Version 1.110

New features:

  • - Added new columns to Open Orders table: Spread, P/L (pips/points), P/L%


  • - Fixed Lot size calculation
  • - Update Time in Toolbar
  • - Fixed Workspace
  • - Fixed minor issues for Total P/L in Testing Mode


Version 1.100

New features:

  • - Partial Close
  • - 6 Trailing "Stop Losses" (Simple, Linear, ATR, Donchian, Parabolic, Bands)
  • - Added Stealth Mode and TP, SL close on Close
  • - Configurable Toolbar
  • - Button for Taking Screenshots
  • - Improved Pyramiding and Averaging Down
  • - Improved Settings for Open and Pending Orders Table


  • - Chart Settings
  • - Several minor issues for Testing Mode


Version 1.008

New features:

  • -


  • - Fixed saving Pending Orders


Version 1.007

New features:

  • -


  • - Fixed saving orders parameters
  • - Fixed managing orders opened by other EA


Version 1.006

New features:

  • -


  • - Hot Fix for Pending Orders


Version 1.005

New features:

  • -


  • - Hot Fix for Trailing Stop Loss


Version 1.004

New features:

  • - Trailing Stop Loss - continue from last known Stop Loss


  • -


Version 1.003

New features:

  • -


  • - Save and load Workspaces
  • - Save and load Strategies
  • - Fixed pips/points calculations


Version 1.002

New features:

  • - New licensing (for activation product)


  • -


Version 1.001

New features:

  • -


  • - Fixed new features for Strategy Tester
  • - Fixed Trade panel (calculator)


Version 1.000

First public release! (Pro edition)

New features:

  • - Toolbar
  • - Total Profit / Loss
  • - Open Triggers (Pyramiding positions and Averaging down)
  • - Customizable Open and Pending orders panels
  • - Settings panel - almost all settings moved to TM panels (Worskpace, Strategies, Windows management, Chart settings, Themes)
  • - Info panel
  • - Improved Scheduler
  • - Changed docking windows


  • -

Advanced edition


Version 4.313

New features:

  • -


  • - Fixed Order Comment
  • - Fixed docking panels
  • - Fixed scaling


Version 4.310

New features:

  • - Scheduler Panel
  • - Triggers Panel
  • - Break Even and Trailing Stop Loss settings to panel
  • - One Cancels the Other button
  • - Sounds Effects for open/delete and close orders
  • - Extended Dashboard Panel
  • - Added Order Comment
  • - Improved Pending Orders settings
  • - Scaling panels
  • - Layout and design changes
  • - Added Themes


  • - Fixed design issues

Lite edition


Version 4.2

New features:

  • - Extended Dashboard Panel
  • - Dock Panels (set panels to 4 corners or hide panels)
  • - Added Themes


  • - Fixed design issues
  • - Fixed Chart Shift
  • - Fixed Close Sell button


Version 4.1

New features:

  • - Break Even
  • - Trailing Stop Loss


  • - Fixed minor issues for Strategy Tester


Version 4.0

First public release! (Lite Edition)



Version 1.0

First private release! (Pro Edition)


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